Salalah (SLL)

Salalah is the second largest city of Oman and the capital of the vibrant Dhofar province. This sub-tropical region of the country has become a recent tourist phenomenon that delivers on its promise of a unique Arabian experience.

Modern Salalah is a sprawling expanse of whitewashed, low-rise buildings. History and culture play a pivotal role in the city’s nature and incredible archaeology. The natural diversity draws visitors to this ancient paradise from around the world. Its vibrant and luscious greenery are a distinctive characteristic of the city in addition to its many waterfalls, lakes, mountains, caves and diverse wildlife that extend beyond the city walls.

Fine sandy beaches stretch for miles around the coast of Salalah; shaded by leaning coconut palms and surrounded by vibrant greenery. The unique climatic factors of Salalah make it a true jewel of the Arabian Sea. The cooler summer in this region is a breath of fresh air for the Arabian Peninsula and makes exploring the cities many historical and cultural attractions even more of a pleasure. This combined with its deep-rooted natural beauty ensure that Salalah is an international destination that is not to be overlooked.

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