Who We Are

We are Oman's very first Low Cost Carrier and we aim to open the skies for everyone.

Our goal is to give people choice and flexibility when shaping their journeys and offer great experiences. We believe travel is about so much more than just breaching distance. We want to make air travel more affordable so more people can fly, more often. We want to allow everyone to explore new destinations, expand their horizons and connect with their family & friends.

We want to create positive experiences by making everyone feel welcome.

Our Vision

To open the skies for more people to have more journeys.

Our Mission

Offering everyone the benefits of a Low Cost Carrier with the soul of Oman, whilst never compromising on quality and simplicity.

Our Values

  • Genuinely Caring
  • Resourcefully Hospitable
  • Humbly Confident
  • Forward Thinking